VectorMan Classic


Non-stop action in this SEGA classic


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VectorMan Classic is a frenetic action platformer where you take over VectorMan—a robot on a mission of sorts to restore peace to planet Earth. Already a classic way back in the 90s, it's finally landed on Android as part of the line of SEGA forever games designed specifically for your smartphone.

Back in the day, this run 'n' gun platformer came as a bit of a shock due to its use of pre-renderized 3D modeling. Its look and feel were lightyears ahead of what had come to be expected from 16bit consoles. All in all its game system offered hitherto unseen smoothness in terms of gameplay and controllers, where grabbing your gun and shooting your enemy was the name of the game.

With just 3 buttons and a virtual crosspad, this minimalist experience makes quick jumps and shoots simple. That said, you'll need to keep your controller under close watch in order to effectively shoot any direction. In the meantime, watch out for VectorMan's location. If he gets a tad too close to your on-screen enemies, it'll be GAMEOVER before you know it. Thankfully, there is an ample supply of power-ups to aid you along your journey.

VectorMan Classic is an oldie and a goodie, one of SEGA's true classics that you can now enjoy on your Android as part of the 'SEGA Forever' line of classic retro video games that the Japanese giant has launched free of charge for smartphones. This game pays good homage to its predecessor and comes with a few improvements: now you can customize your controls, use compatible hand-held controllers, save your match mid-game, or travel back in time to start over if need be.
By Erika Okumura

Android 4.4 or higher needed.